Ready to go at any time! Call on us a.s.a.p.

Ready to go at any time! Call on us a.s.a.p.

If you believe that assistance from our Search and Rescue Dog teams may be required to trace a missing person in the wilderness or in an avalanche, do not hesitate for too long! The earlier our SAR Dog teams arrive in the target area , the better are the chances to find lost persons alive!

Well equipped for  working under harsh conditions

Well equipped for working under harsh conditions

Our SAR teams and dogs are fully equipped to work under the harsh conditions of high altitude landscapes in the unforgiving Mountain Ranges of the Himalayas. They have been trained and certified by European standard search and rescue examiners from Germany.

Searching  in Snow  at High Altitude

Searching in Snow at High Altitude

Our SAR Dogs have been exposed to high altitude avalanches and deep snow fields many times over and they have conducted quite a number successful search and rescue missions together with their Nepalese handlers.


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The official registered name of our Not for Profit Company is "Search and Rescue...  Read More

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Help us to mobilize our Earthquake response! Medical camp Baghmati Poolthe first villagers arrive early in the morning

Your  DONATIONS are  desperately needed NOW. We want to depart to the epicenter of the Earthquake a.s.a.p.! We need to buy supplies! You can donate via PayPal to Rettungshunde fuer Nepal e.V. This is a German Charity that will forward the funds to us very fast with Western Union. Keyword: SARDOGS.
Our area is defined. Barpak and the surrounding villages are close to the epicenter and are severely devastated. The army had tried to get there by helicopter, but could not land. There are requests for assistance in these villages where no assistants has been given so far.. There is a shortage of everything: food, shelter, medical care. No doctors OAU. There are still many people in the rubble. We will drive as close as possible and then make up the rest on foot. Before our team with all the dogs wil arrive in Pokhara, there is still much to do: buying supplies, rent some trucks (VERY difficult at the moment), tents, blankets, medical equipment, food and things for our own care, shovels, hoes, etc .. We will recruit local porters to carry the stuff. We are running out of time. Please help!

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