Admission Criteria
Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

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logoAdmission Criteria····· To learn the art of SAR Dog Training and become a certified SAR DOG Handler one has to be
a Nepalese Citizen or a Citizen of Nepal's neighboring countries Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan,
Sri Lanka & the Peoples Republic of China.

For Non Nepalese students a basic knowledge of spoken and written English is mandatory.

At this moment there is a waiting list where interested young people can sign up for admission. Contact us by mail from our website's messages box for registration. Forward a short description of your person,age,place of birth,· recent address, married or bachelor, number of family members at your residence or home, jobs and school years overview, previous special skills and job training if any, include a recent photograph and your passport copy or citizenship I.D. copy, driving license copy if you have one and if you are from an other country than Nepal you require a certificate from your local authorities that you are allowed to leave or that you have not broken any laws.

Admission will be gradually and within a period of 6 to 8 months. Who is first in line will be admitted first, as soon as there is a new financial donor available to us for your personal schooling gear, outfit and training utensils. This can take anything between 3 months and 8 months. So those who have an other job should hang on to it until they are called for. Students can enter the academy directly if they desires to pay all the fees themselves.

To enter our Academy one should have a minimum education of following Government or any other school up to class eight. SLC class 10 passed or not passed is both accepted. Those who have passed High School and are not able to follow an University Study are also welcome. The students with a longer or higher education may face extra tasks given to them according to their abilities and general knowledge.

························ Minimum age for joining the Academy is 18 years and maximum age is 26

················································· TWO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)

FAQ No. 1.)· What are the costs for staying at our Academy?

Full Study Year scholarship by private sponsor or corporate donor from our side, or if you do not want to wait for a sponsor and join immediately, the extra costs mentioned here are without food supply and without travel expenses for holidays home!
One time Admission fees: Nepalese Rupees (NRS)· 11,500
.- or· US$ 135.-

The full costs for all your clothing, gear and utensils, study materials etc
is NRS 98,000.-··for 6 months··equally to US$ 1,153,- or· NRS·170,000.- for a full year,· equally to US$· 2,000.-·all payable in advance.

You also can come for a visit first and be our guest for one week for our special tariff food & lodge which is RS 350 per day to inform yourself personally about what you can expect here. Talk with other students and watch them train etc.
You also can come for a visit first and be our guest for one week for our special tariff food & lodge which is RS 350 per day to inform yourself personally about what you can expect here. Talk with other students and watch them train etc.

Special Discount for Government Servants in the security sector has to be worked out at Departmental level of appropriate Government Ministry.

FAQ No.2.) What are my chances to become a permanent Staff Member of SARDOGS NEPAL
···················· Disaster Units and the Search and Rescue Dog Squads?

This depends on your own performance, your personality and how many skills you have or develop during the full 3 years of different training issues and curriculum that we offer step by step.

It also depends on our donors and their fund raising . Our Academy is just starting up and time is our and your best friend in this matter.One thing is for sure...who enters first and stays the longest has the best of all chances.

We generally also assist those who leave after full training to find jobs in other NGO or even in Government service.

More Questions? Forward them to us by mail and we will post them here.
You also can ask for an Admission Request form and send it back to us by e-mail later.

The admission request form is mandatory!

There are questions in it like this: (see below)


Request for Admission into the Search & Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal

Preferred Entry Date: _______________________or write: Will wait for a sponsor!

Your Waiting List Reservation Number Code is:___________________

Full First, Second & Family Name:· _________________________________________

Describe your state of education: (years total/level of education etc.
If you have: school or college exam sheets, send copies along by e-mail.



Occupations or skills:· ______________________________________________________




Nationality: _________________________············ ·

Date of birth:· _______________________

Place of Birth:·· _________________________________________________________

Father’s – or Mother’s Name (or both if available):

Mr._________________________________·· Mrs. _____________________________

Their Recent Address:·· __________________________________________________

Their phone- mobile number if any_________________________________________

Objection to contact parents, if you have any: (describe your reason below)



Generally the students join together and share their own cooking of meals and the costs for purchasing
their own kitchen utensils and cooking gas.
It is necessary to contact us first and join the waiting list of First student comes first.
Your waiting number code is: ________________

I agree with these terms and conditions! Signature:____________________________· ·

Date:________________________······································· (continue in· page 3 of 3 )

Is this an ONLINE Registration?· NO THANKS! Send a Request for this form to be forwarded by e-mail
to you by using our CONTACT message box or copy and paste this form directly here from the website page.

Sending your documents:
Print it out &
fill the form with a black pen by hand.

Sign the printed form and then scan it again in jpg format.
Reduce the size of each the jpg. Files to A 4 and send them to us as attachments by e-mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please submit the following document copies along with these two pages above!

1) Your Citizenship I.D card or Passport copy.

2) Recent passport size photograph or any other clear facial photograph.

3) Driving License photocopy front and back side if you have any!
(Other certificates of any professional skill training if any.)

4,) Describe with a few words why you want to join our Academy:
(Minimum 3 sentences…maximum unlimited.)

5) School leaving certificate, or college certificate or last school class year’s
Mark sheet. One of them is enough; whatever you have.

For us the level of education is lesser important than a pleasant character and the
Ability to be a good team worker; respect for each other and our Search & Rescue Dogs
counts high in our agenda.

Enrolment section


Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal. Not For Profit that trains young Nepalese to search for missing people.


Chauthe, Ward No. 14  POKHARA
Mobile Nr.: +977 98560 25679


Happy New Year to you all. Stay safe and healthy.

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